Yengeç Restaurant

Yengeç Restaurant

Oguz Ozer and his family realized the idea “Leaving the business one day and opening a small venue at the seaside” dreamed by almost all of the professional managers, and as far as we see they are so happy and enjoyed with it. It is understood that they took the road for offering quality which is hard but enjoyable by realizing their business, which had been a dream and passion for them since many years, in a stone building rooting back to 1860 on Urla Port in 2008.

They want to let it be known that they are grateful and thank to all their guests supported them and all friends who didn’t deny their help on this road.

“If I and my family are known as people having quality and personality in the society where we live, then our business must have a quality and a specific identity. Of course we are a commercial establishment and we work for earning money and making a living, however, the primary goal is quality and customer satisfaction”, so told Mr.Ozer what they aimed.

In this regard, they set their heart on their business since the beginning, they perform their works with all their heart and soul, and they beautify it with a gracious sincerity and a true honesty.



What kind of a team:

  • They aimed to offer professional service with an amateur spirit with the belief that a good team consists of good individuals. Such behaviours reflected on their services.
  • It is a business which is open for any criticism, because they want to achieve the better. You can criticise them readily and say their mistakes. Believe that all of them are considered.
  • Like all establishments where human factor is present, they make, can make or will make mistake(s), as well; they apologise for that in advance. However, they want to underline and make you sure that a “commercial mistake” cannot and will not be present in their establishment.
  • It is the only venue where you can find these tastes, and unfortunately they have no branch other than Urla.

What they do:

  • As of today, they
    • offer us 110 types of appetizers. 28 of them are made upon the suggestion of the guests, and you cannot find them everywhere. Such a wide appetizer range is not available in Turkey.
    • offer us 22 types of quite special warm starters, and they all have specific attributes.
    • They offer 18 to 22 types of different fish.
  • Since the maximum counter life of fishes is 2 days, Mr. Ozer only offers fresh and daily caught fishes.
  • They aware that they address to our stomach and palate. So, they use the materials of highest quality in all their products, I witnessed it.
  • In addition to such favourable fish, especially appetizer sorts, they make us feel in our home, in our kitchen with a warm interest and grace in a fantastic atmosphere accompanied by delightful music.
  • They use all products especially in their seasons.
  • They always work on innovation and different tastes to take us beyond the routines.
  • They attach maximum importance to hygiene.
  • They are environmentalist, so they stand away from any formation and action which may damage the environment.
  • They obey prohibitions. They do not let anyone whoever to smoke within the closed areas of the establishment.
  • They do not want us to drink and drive, in some cases they do not allow us for drunk driving because they care about us. They provide arranged taxis and valets to enable us to reach our homes safe and sound without drunk driving.

After all, WE say that we love Urla and we try to provide support and contribution to our district as much as we can. I wish that while serving to our quite valuable guests by keeping our place, may our way bright, may strength complement us and may the beauties ornament it.

Sincere regards,